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   - Faithbreaker CD (iatde066)
Aurora - Faithbreaker
1. Perserverance
2. Faith/Breaker
3. Scriptures
4. Purgatory
5. Cold Hearts
6. The Obsessor
7. Rain Dance
8. Tennessee Whiskey (Hidden Track CD Only)
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Price - UK £3.00
Barcode - 5024545715927

Since forming in 2012, Aurora have hammered out a space for themselves in the UK hardcore/metal scene by impressing and pulverizing with their unique twist of heavy metalcore. Among those taken in by the sound of the metal outfit, who started life as a female-fronted quintet, was In At The Deep End Records, the independent label which brought you Architects, Sylosis, Feed The Rhino, and The Defiled, to name a few, who quickly signed them to the label. The band then released their first EP, Easily Broken, at the end of 2012 to much applause. This catapulted the band forward and landed them with gig slots touring up and down the country with the likes of Hacktivist, Marmozets, TRC, and Let Live.

After a few years on the gig circuit, playing as many festivals as they could, and growing their fan base, the band lost their frontwoman. In true Aurora style, never scared to leap into the unknown, the band decided to change directions. They bought on board Rhys Whitehouse, formerly of WolveXhys. With the adoption of a male vocalist, Aurora have in the last few months transformed into a heavier beast while still maintaining a unique sound, that is as beautiful as it is crushing. And this heavier Aurora sound is evident in the debut album Faith/Breaker. Released on October 23, 2015, the now all-male crossover five-piece from the West Midlands are ready to unleash themselves on the world - again.

Bassist Josh Hammond said the band had been itching to get the album out on the airwaves and feels like the risk of swapping from a frontwoman to a frontman was the right choice for the Birmingham-based band.

He said: "Since swapping vocalists, it feels like new life has been breathed into us again, and we're very excited about what the future holds.

"Faith/Breaker, the first release with Rhys, is heavier compared to our previous material, but we aimed to set the bar higher for ourselves and I think we achieved that."

Faith/Breaker is being released on In At The Deep End Records

Aurora Band Page 9.5/10
With their breakout full length, Faith/Breaker, Aurora shatter the faiths of heavy music's dichotomous devotion and do what for so long has seemed extraordinary: smoothly and masterfully combine hard-hitting, hell-raising heaviness with heart-stopping atmosphere in one of the genre's most immersive releases to date. Read More 9/10
I couldn't believe my luck when I got sent this album before release to review, have been following the band since before Rhys joined on vocals. I knew of Rhys through his old band Wolvexhys so I knew that his vocals would be a perfect replacement but I did not believe they would be this incredible. Every track that they have on this album is hard hitting, but still keeping to the melody of the genre. The synth and samples in the songs make it a perfect combination with all the hard hitting drops and quality guitar solos. I personally thought they'd lose the singing which is what I was worried about. I'm really happy that they got some singing into the songs! With the 2 singles they released "Faith/Breaker" and "Raindance" I was really excited to check out the album. The studio they chose to record this album has propelled this album to being one of my favourite releases of the year. Rhys's vocals on every single track I have to say is incredible, the guy sure has a good set of lungs for a vocalist. Being a vocalist myself I understand the trouble of training your vocals to this standard and I take my hat off to him. Personal favourites of this album would have to be the first track titled "Perseverance" with the subtle drop at the start. Next has to be track 3 titled "Scriptures" with the sample of "what's up fuckers" then drops into a nice groovy guitar melody. I would personally recommend anyone to buy this album and go support the band with the release show on the 14th of November!


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Aurora - Faith/Breaker CD