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   - All We Are CDEP (iatde064)
Prolong The Agony - All We Are
1. Dead Dreams
2. Counting The Days
3. Loved & Lost
4. Backstabbers
5. Loveless
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Barcode - 5024545710328

Prolong The Agony release their highly anticipated 5 track EP 'All We Are' on the 20th April 2015 through In At The Deep End Records.

Hailing from the southern shores of the UK this quintet have conspired to create a twist on modern metalcore music with 'All We Are', seeing the band show an ability to blend melody with crushing chorus' and infectious riffs all back up by Larry Welling's powerful booming vocals.

With relentless touring in Europe and the US (Vans Warped Tour) over the past 2 years supporting the likes of Tonight Alive, Iwrestledabearonce and Crossfaith, Prolong The Agony have developed into one of the most promising metalcore bands in Europe.

'All We Are' will be release on the 20th April 2015 on CDEP and Digitally.

For Fans Of: The Color Morale, A Day To Remember, Of Mice And Men

Recorded by Daniel Kerr at Avenue Studios Surrey
Prolong The Agony Band Page

Metal Hammer 8/10
Five Crushing brutal slabs of metalcore in the most modern sense of the word. The wheel isn't being reinvented, but this will satisfy the pit-craving of most hardcore fanatics. 9/10
The raw energy and passion of Prolong The Agony is present in every single song on All We Are, making every song enjoyable to listen to. There are no boring or generic songs, meaning that you can listen to the entire EP without needing to skip a song. Unlike many bands in the metal scene at the moment Prolong The Agony do not need to use any gimmicks or frills, their music speaks for itself. Read More 4/5
Although 'All We Are' is far from a revolutionary release in the metalcore world, it is still an EP that is worth taking notice of. With their meaningful, positive lyrical outlook, Prolong The Agony have provided a much-needed twist on the genre. Musically, they don't hold back and produce five slices of tight-knit metalcore that are simple yet effective. Prolong The Agony are a band with purpose and 'All We Are' could be the first step towards bigger things! Read More 9/10
From the start to the end, Prolong the Agony's release grabs you by the throat, screaming for your acknowledgement and time. It's a stunning EP, one that wouldn't look out of place on the discography of either Architects or Bury Tomorrow. It's raw, relentless, and ruthless, just like them. Keep an eye on them, as they'll definitely be favourites to be Britain's next favourite metalcore act. Read More 9/10
Crisp, beautiful production, incredibly tight technique and anthems like Dead Dreams and Loved And Lost cement All We Are as one of the best releases I've heard so far this year. Whilst it could be argued that a few tracks on the E.P. Veer toward the more generic side of metalcore, the band produce such heartfelt anthems and crushingly devastating riffs that they deserve to be considered among the genre's strongest assets. In a world where metalcore is a dirty word, it fills me with hope. It's an encompassing package of everything metalcore promised to be so many years ago, and I'm furiously anticipating the band's first full length release. If there's anything you should take from All We Are, it's promise. Support Prolong The Agony. Nurture their fury. Read More
Kicking off with the immense Dead Dreams, this EP is something many metalcore fans need to hear. All We Are may have a tender core, but it's heavy as God's balls - and a fucking sick release. Read More 8/10
All We Are is an instantly thunderous, hard hitting, thought provoking EP - the sort that you don't expect but when it happens you can't think of anything else you'd rather have.

A look at the song titles tells you what to expect from the album, with names such as Backstabbers, Loved and Lost and Dead Dreams. It reveals an emotional honesty that you wouldn't usually associate with men in general, never mind a hardcore band. There's a message in this EP, and more than a little bit of soul searching.

'It's okay to feel dead inside,' Larry Welling screams on Dead Dreams - but when you listen to All We Are you feel anything but dead inside.
If you're a fan of either metalcore or hardcore then sit up and take notice. If you're not, these guys could be the ideal place to start your journey into either or both of those paths. Whilst they're not an out and out hardcore band, they have all of the elements needed to fit into that scene. Pounding breakdowns and snarling vocals combined with powerful lyrics. As I say though, they aren't really a hardcore band, these guys also bring elements of the still incredibly popular metalcore scene into the mix. Fans of The Amity Affliction may notice some similarities between these guys and some of the tracks on Let The Ocean Take Me. Read More


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