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   - Got Your Brass CD (iatde063)
Cavorts - Got Your Brass
1. Got Your Brass
2. Pig Of Ballast
3. Wait On
4. What's Cracking
5. Kicks And Strikes
6. Rubbing Rags
7. Pick Up The Hammer
8. Save Some Things
9. Look After The Pack
10. By The Tide
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Price - UK £3
Barcode - 0799665804695

'Got Your Brass' is a brash, balls out, no compromising blend of punk and hard rock producing a fierce Rock 'n' Roll vibe, driven by huge riffage and backed up by jaw dropping solos .

Consisting of 10 tracks that demonstrate Cavorts are bubbling over with ideas resulting in a variable soundscape of an album exploring their varied influences but always remains obviously Cavorts in style. Whilst hard hitting and anathematic, there is more than enough layers to give each track longevity.

Recorded with Jason Sanderson (Lavotchkin, Rolo Tomassi, The Legacy) artwork by Ozzy from Black Spiders.

Released date 27/10/2014 on CD and Digital

For Fans Of: Motorhead, Early Baroness, The Bronx, Sick Of It All and Hot Water Music.

Cavorts Band Page 4/5
The opening riff of title track 'Got Your Brass' starts off the album and shows straight away that the band are in no way going to ease you in to this. It is literally seconds till you are smashed in the face by a huge wall of sound. The power behind the vocals delivered by singer/guitarist Ryan Senior are just ferocious. The heaviness is just superb but don't think this is just some one trick pony who's only gear is loud and heavy. At one point the wall strips back to a dual guitar with a deep riding rhythm before it kicks you to the gutter once more.
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Throughout Got Your Brass there is a proper punk vibe to the album that is definitely more Sex Pistols and The Exploited than New Found Glory all the while swirled in amongst a barrage of memorable riffs, forceful vocals and a highly competent rhythm section. In short, Cavorts have managed to do something that is increasingly difficult in an era of musical saturation, they've created something that sounds fresh and original, for which they must be highly commended. Check out Got Your Brass for one of the freshest and most inventive sounding albums of 2014 thus far.
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From start to finish this album holds in regard what a truly great modern hardcore punk band should be; fast, angry, aggressive but innovative. All the tracks on this album have a wonderful individual flavour to them, straying away from the spent ideals of resorting to 300bpm power-chords and Slayer-esque drum patters.
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The album opens on the title track 'Got Your Brass' and it's automatically clear that these lads aren't messing around. They go straight for the jugular, with an intense, heart pounding pace that doesn't let up for the rest of the record.
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Barnsley have definitely produced four angry bastards in the Cavorts camps, who know how to right aggressive hardcore rock and roll and play music more fast paced than Usain Bolt on a treadmill.
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Lights Go Out Zine
Woah, this is something else. A pure adrenalin blast that mixes in hardcore rock and even some metal. One pure slab of heaviness that's backed with impressive tunes, passionate vocals and some in your fucking face riffs that literally will melt you. Cavorts hail from Barnsley and this four piece fit perfecting on the IATDE label. Not content with sitting in one genre, they really do cross the genre barriers, melodic hardcore, metal, rock, all well represented in here and holy shit Cavorts seriously do this well! They've been on Metal Hammer magazine, but they're also very welcome in here, this is one seriously killer album. No weak links, no duff tracks and well worth a listen if you like your music fast, powerful, passionate and angry in equal amounts! Impressive album this one! 7/10
Cavorts sound is intense, high octane and uncompromising. Driven along by vocalist/guitarist Ryan Senior's ferocious, powerful vocals their sound tows a line that treads in many of the same footsteps as Every Time I Die, albeit rather more straight-forward and uncomplicated. Their slugging riffs have the mood of Motorhead combined with punk rock street smarts.
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Pavements covered in trash and vomit. Houses abandoned and nailed shut. Streetlights casting eerie shadows on the wet asphalt. A city in distress, a society in need. That's the reality of the gritty rock n roll, where the likes of old Iron Maiden and Sick Of It All have left their marks. Every song tries to free itself from the barbed wire it's caught up in, which leads to painful sounds and strange, electrifying dance moves. It also makes sense, as Cavorts perfectly portray the underbelly of modern day society, where everything seems all right, but something's festering beneath the surface which is only skin deep. The title track opens this can of frustration like police car which has just turned the corner, after which it's a relentless riot to the very end. A great journey where screaming vocals and ancient metal riffs take you by the hand.


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Cavorts - Got Your Brass CD