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   - Hope For The Hopeless 7" (iatde062)
Pay No Respect - Hope For The Hopeless
1. Hope For The Hopeless
2. One Chance
3. Face Defiance
4. This World Is Ours
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Price - UK £3
Barcode - 5024545697773

Pay No Respect hit the studio this summer to record 'Hope For The Hopeless', a four track EP and their first release since 2012 and the first introduction to Pay No Respect as a five piece. With new member and second guitarist Jack Price in tow, this new turning point promises to be more dynamic, louder and heavier than before.

'Hope For The Hopeless' has 3 brand new crushing hardcore anthems and a rework of their 'This World Is Ours' a track which has never been released but it's official video has had over 153,000 views. The EP will be recorded in July 2014 at Hidden Tracks Studios by Oz Craggs (Feed The Rhino, Bass Player) and Artwork will be supplied by 'Too Many Skulls' (Slayer, Machine Head, Earth Crisis)!!

'Hope For The Hopeless' will be released digitally on the 25th August just prior to 'The Hell On Earth' tour backed up by a video for the title track. A 7" vinyl version is also available details below.

Pressing Details
250 - Solid Red
250 - Solid Green

Pay No Respect Band Page

Rocksound 8/10
Pay No Respect's first release in a while glows with years upon years of pent-up aggression. This is most obvious on the furious chug-athon of 'One Chance', on which vocalist Joe Kenney shrieks "It doesn't get any harder than this. Dig me out of this hole that I'm buried in", but catharsis isn't the only thing they have in their armoury. These four songs span metalcore, modern metal and devastating hardcore in 14 short minutes, and the band even rip through a lengthy, finger melting guitar solo on the title track with time to spare. Spawned from frustration and anger, 'Hope For The Hopeless' marks Pay No Respect as much more than ones to watch!!
For Fans Of: As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel, Hatebreed.

Kerrang KKKK
England's Green And Pleasant...Hardcore
The UK's most idyllic spots have often brought us some of our biggest and loudest bands - historic York gave us Asking Alexandria, and South Wales' picturesque valleys gave us Bullet For My Valentine. Now Medway (Kent) gives us Pay No Respect - a loud hardcore band with more front than their area's coastline. Hope For The Hopeless had attitude, relentless vocals and, as you may expect from the title, an empowering message. Produced by Oz Craggs of Feed The Rhino, the circle of British noise is complete, and PNR are tight, well-rounded and, unlike their beaches, dirty as hell.
For Fans Of: Parkway Drive, Hatebreed, Feed The Rhino

Metal Hammer 8/10
This boisterous bunch deliver hardcore as it's meant to be: a gimmick free, short and snappy affair, full of aggro, big riffs and plenty of bounce that'll get you moshing in no time.

Big Cheese 9/10
UK hardcore hopes bring the ferocity.
These stalwarts of the UK hardcore scene have returned with a pissed off, unashamedly bruising slice of metallic hardcore. Yes, it exhibits standards of the genre - the two step, 'here comes the beatdown, fucking move' moments are all here, but the music doesn't suffer for that. So squarely do PNR hit the nail on the head of this genre that you can't help but get drawn into the intense rage of the whole thing. 9/10
In short, this EP is basically everything you'd want from a traditional hardcore album - it's loud, it's hostile, it's aggressive and it's angry (it really is very, very angry); there are also no frills or melodies which seem to be swamping the rest of the hardcore scene, which to be honest is refreshing - isn't this what hardcore is supposed to be about?
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RAMzine 10/10
Totally a sonic breeding ground for utter malevolence that breeds through its almighty metal core. It is dramatic and not afraid to surpass its boundaries with an ever increasing grip on the senses, being one metal mass of gnawing grooves that add spice as well as a big metal spike right up the jacksy! Thoroughly engaging and extremely absorbing E.P overall, that needs to be savoured before it devours you completely!
Read More 8/10
The songwriting on Hope For The Hopeless as a whole comes across as being much more accomplished. Having Oz Craggs from Feed The Rhino producing the EP will have undoubtedly helped the band and hopefully given them some ideas for the future. Overall, whilst this is still Pay No Respect, it is a much improved Pay No Respect. If they can follow this up with a full length album of the same quality they should be able to break away from the pack.
Read More 8/10
It's only four songs long but it feels like it should be so much more. Hope For The Hopeless, One Chance, Face Defiance and The World is Ours ooze class, musicianship and have a beautiful pace that keeps you hanging on to every chord.
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If with 'hope' in the title this UK band means weapons of mass destruction this is definitely a powerful gift for those who need it. Those who feel left on the sidelines of society, alone and worn down? Pay No Respect want to empower you. It only takes these four songs to understand this band is not taking any shit from anyone. This ep, for now only available as a download, is Hatebreed gone deathcore, with massive - and I do mean MASSIVE breaks hitting you just where it hurts the most. It's a warm-up for their 2015 debut album, which will be kept under surveillance by army drones for sure. 7.8/10
'Hope for the Hopeless' has four songs that are all equally heavy, equally aggressive and as equally in your face as they can be. Songs such as 'This World Is Ours' consists of break downs that sound as if they've been picked out of the brains of bands such as Parkway Drive.
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Hope For The Hopeless is an unwielding EP that leaves no room to be left behind. It strays from the norm in these humongous riffs but keeps roots in demanding bass and torrential patterns. Pay No Respect have this incredible ability to incite intense passion from their music and this EP is no different. Each track grows on these thriving sentiments that turns battering bass tones into tight grips that cohearse and conduct crowds in wild furrows. Take the time to check out the EP Hope For The Helpless in headphones first because you'll be swept in live. Read More
We can only expect the best with this band as they continue to prove to us, they have everything to take this band to a whole new level. They are not a band we will be forgetting anytime soon. Hope For The Hopeless signifies a bright future for Pay No Respect.
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