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   - A Warm Life In The Cold CD (iatde060)
Weathered Hands - A Warm Life In The Cold
1. Vines
2. Everything I Know
3. Riviera
4. Black Light
5. Between Glass And Winter
6. Between The Vivarium
7. Laced
8. Santa Muerte
9. A Thought That Provokes Even You
10. Monaco
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Barcode - 5024545683523


Weathered Hands are 5 friends from Hereford who play emotional hardcore. There are no gimmicks, elaborate stories or trends to hide behind. Weathered Hands are purveyors of blending melody with raw, passion & righteous distress.

A band concerned with conveying stories which will consume the hearts & minds of their listeners as their album on In At The Deep End EP 'A Warm Life In The Cold' clearly displays. The record showcases a talent & creative power beyond their average age of 21. This release will establish Weathered Hands as one of the most enthralling new prospects on the UK's bland hardcore landscape.

Growing & evolving at a frenetic pace, Weathered Hands already possess a discography to be proud of as 2012 saw the release of two self released EPs in 'End Of The Road' & 'Unison' before getting picked up by Sink Or Swim Management & influential tastemaker label In At The Deep End.

The band went on to release 'Of All The People That I've Left, Each One Has Died Of Loneliness' EP on 7" vinyl and digitally through IATDE Records which was picked up organically by Rock Sound (7/10) & Big Cheese (7/10) Magazine both seeing the promise of great things, the EP also received airplay from BBC Radio.

Weathered Hands have been honing their live skills across the UK with such bands as The Catharsis, Black Shapes & The Cold Harbour and a tour on April 2014 to follow just after the release of 'A Warm Life In The Cold' is also planned.

For a young band to show such personality & fearless desire to break away from their contemporaries is commendable. Where Weathered Hands find their strength is in their honesty. This is truthful. This is wholehearted. This is powerful. This is Weathered Hands.

For fans of Pianos Become The Teeth, Basement, Defeater, Brand New, Texas Is The Reason

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300 - Translucent Red

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Rocksound 8/10
Making their name as one of the most ambitious and expressive bands in UK hardcore, Weathered Hands aren't accustomed to holding back. True to form 'A Warm Life In The Cold' is both vital and confessional, laced with equal parts melody and ferocity, and driven by John James Davies' cathartic vocal contributions. Avoiding unnecessary studio polish (a common pitfall on debut albums), Hereford's finest have refined their sound, taking a foot off the accelerator just often enough to avoid burnout. These songs can prove overwhelming, emotionally as much as musically, but listeners willing to engage will be amply rewarded.

Kerrang KKKK
Brit mob bring storms and (some) sunshine.
Cold hands usually go with a warm heart. Similarly, Hereford post-hardcore five piece Weathered Hands are paired with tunes that are energetically earnest, though a little calloused around the edges. Vines and Black Light feel awkwardly jabbing in their delivery, as if the band will detonate if they don't share these songs with the world right this minute. Meanwhile, Between Glass And Water highlights the benefits of a little sparseness entwining piano, wispy guitar and John James Davies' question 'Where is my home from home?' Despite their largely boisterious streak, Weathered Hands sound more at home in these calmer, more considered moments. So, yeah, turning down ain't all bad.
For Fans Of: Defeater, Brand New 77%
A Warm Life In The Cold is exactly the kind of record that sweeps all those pretenders aside, and on the first listen I totally got what this Hereford quintet are trying to do. And the fact is they aren't trying to do anything, just making music because they flippin' want to. What is missing is the usual facade of heightened instruments, electronically distorted vocals and the added whispering synth that tries to make it sound that there's something bigger going on. And that's a good thing. What is here though, is honesty, energy, creativeness and simplicity, and it's evident right from opening track 'Vines'.
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It's a great mixture of thriving rock, but with so many disonant hooks, it will make your head spin. It really took me some time as it's not the sort of record that will initially gets to you, but once it does this interesting blend of Defeater, Fugazi and Silent Majority will be that sort of album that will stick with you for a long time. Also the pure emo, in a song like 'Between Glass And Winter', shed a totally different light on what Weathered Hands are capable of.
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Weathered Hands have released a dazzling debut that delivers huge hooks without pandering to the confines of Radio 1-friendly rock. It packs in the intense levels of emotion you'd expect on a Touche Amore or La Dispute album, but is more likely to make you go outside and embrace the warming glow of the morning sun than those aforementioned band's tendency to make you stick your head in the warming glow of an oven.
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Truly a sum of their many influences, then, A Warm Life In The Cold, confirms suspicions and shows Weathered Hands off as the dynamic, dominant beast of a band that their previous material suggested they might end up being and that they've done it so consistently well across a full length speaks volumes for just how good this band are. Knowing them, though, they'll probably have another record out in a few months that changes things up again.
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