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   - Inspire Create Destroy 7" (iatde057)
Polar - Inspire Create Destroy
1. Inspire
2. Create
3. Destroy
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Price - UK £5
Barcode - 5024545669978

Please Note: The cover shown isn't the cover that will be used this is currently being create and will consist of a live collarge of the band live.

(Limited to 500 - Bright Orange Vinyl 200 / Black Vinyl 300) pre-orders available soon

Originally released In May 2013 through Oli Sykes' (Bring Me The Horizon) clothing label, Drop Dead digitally, IATDE Records will be releasing a physical version of Polar's 2nd EP, 'Inspire Create Destroy' on 7" vinyl on 2 separate colours of vinyl.

Inspire Create Destroy is as bold as the title suggests. The band have adopted a much more solid and melodic sound. This isn't to say the EP is a softer outing, it is just a much more intelligently constructed sound.

The opening track 'Inspire' holds a bouncy, energetic riff that 'The Ghost of a Thousand' would have been proud of. It is around halfway through the song that the largest progression becomes apparent. A melodic guitar solo accompanies Adam Woodford's soaring vocals to give a hugely propelling moment in the song. It is a moment that completely pulls you in.

The following track 'Create' feels like a celebration of hardcore punk, Displaying an emotive riff throughout the verse with avid and enthusiastic vocals throughout. Polar have shown a natural progression that should certainly see them garner the attention that they deserve. This energy is continued into the final track, which is not-so-surprisingly titled 'destroy'. A slow-burning foot-stomper with a melodic breakdown that sounds like it was written by 'watch out'-era Alexisonfire. This breakdown quickly builds up as the ferocious front-man screams 'Everything you know has been destroyed' before the song dives back into the foot-stomping tempo that is this time layered with another alluring guitar solo.

Lyrically, Adam has also matured. The entire theme of the EP is instantly striking. It appears the band have really honed in on the direction they want to go, as a result of this the EP feels a lot more structured and dynamic than their previous efforts. The overall slower tempo suits the band a lot more and allows them to experiment much more melodically and rhythmically.

Polar are an example of the amazing potential that is still present. 'Inspire Create Destroy' is a significant step up in every aspect. Melodically captivating and dynamically solid, Polar are a band who have just shown what they are truly capable of; killin' it.

Polar have release 2 videos from this EP 'Create' and 'Destroy' both of which can be viewed on YouTube (both videos are embedded on this page)

Planned release will be late September 2013 followed by a brand new full length at the end of 2013.

Pressing Details
200 - Solid Orange
300 - Solid Black

Polar Band Page

AltMusicReview 8.5/10
The EP is as bold as the title suggests. The band have moved on from the scrappy aspects that their sound previously held and adopted a much more solid and melodic sound. This isn't to say the EP is a softer outing, it is just a much more intelligently constructed sound.
Read More 4.5/5
If you're a fan of hardcore and you haven't heard of Polar, now is the time to remedy that wrong: Inspire Create Destroy is a three track barrage of energy, frustration, and more importantly, a clear statement of defiance: defiance to back down, to give up or give in.
Read More 9/10
Polar have been making a name for themselves in the hardcore scene since forming back in 2009 and with new three track EP "Inspire Create Destroy" released this month, their success is set to continue. The EP may only contain three songs but it is a musical juggernaut, and from beginning to end is gutsy, passionate and relentless; what Polar do best.
Read More 4/5
Sounding very similar to the intro to 'Dreamboy' by Don Broco, 'Inspire' breaks away from that similarity and displays energy and adrenaline immediately. Sounding unlike most other hardcore style bands, Polar have the perfect mix of heavy guitars and drums whilst keeping it interesting with melodic guitar parts. This is what most hardcore music is missing; melody in the music.
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