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   - The Burning Sons CD (iatde048)
Feed The Rhino - The Burning Sons
1. Flood The System
2. Nothing Lost
3. The Burning Sons
4. I Am The Curse, I Am The Cure
5. Kings Of Grand Delusion
6. Song Of Failure
7. Razor
8. Left For Ruins
9. Fountains
10. Death Of The Swine
11. Tides
12. The Compass
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Price - UK £5
Barcode - 5052571029527

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Get Ready! The force of the Rhino is upon us once more and it means business!

Feed the Rhino return with an absolute BRUT of a record - The Burning Sons. With their ferocious mix of metal and rock n roll - this band are here to change the game!

Since forming from the grim depths of the river Medway, Feed The Rhino have been tearing the UK apart with a live show that has warranted countless rave reviews from every top dog in the business including a 5K smasher from Kerrang! at last summer's Sonisphere festival. (Not bad considering the almighty Slipknot's headlining performance was the only other spectacle to receive their 100% seal of approval that day). The good folks at Metal Hammer have backed the band from day one relentlessly promoting their debut album "Mr Red Eye" and stating that "Feed The Rhino are thee band to watch out for", as well as the noise heads at Big Cheese and Rock Sound singing the Rhino's praises from the rooftops.

The success of "Mr Red Eye" elevated the band into the spotlight and attracted the attention and support slots of Britain's elite. Gallows were the first to take the Rhino under their wing and offer the band the sort of venues and experience worthy of the chaos they bring to the stage. The connection between the UK veterans and the new kids on the block runs deeper than just sharing sweaty venues together - bassist Stu Gili-Ross also manages the Kent quintet. Fast rising Sheffield metallers While She Sleeps also enjoyed an epic tour and mutual bromance with the dirty southerners as well as FTR smashing it in towns up and down the country co-headlining their own tour with Heights.

After the intense 18 months of touring things had to eventually holt and a new project was born. Make no mistake about it, the band have the full intention of enlightening every mind that encounter's "The Burning Sons", the long awaited 2nd Rhino album. Being the best is EVERYTHING to this band and the belief that making music should be about innovation, experimentation and basically blowing up the human consciousness is the aim for the new record and every "Feed the Rhino" project.

With "The Burning Sons" ready to drop in July and tours at home, Europe and the festival season around the corner, you can be sure The Rhino is coming for YOU! For the most heartfelt, beautifully intense chaos you're likely to see anywhere on this planet, beg, borrow or steal a ticket but get to a show. Miss this band at your peril!!!!

Feed The Rhino have released the 2nd official video from their amazing 2nd album 'The Burning Sons'. This is the title track directed by Robin Fuller who never lets you down!!

Feed The Rhino Band Page
Kerrang KKKK
Underground hardcore heavyweights step up a level, and then beat the level up.

Feed The Rhino are the heaviest thing to have emerged from Kent since the Medway megaliths. Their songs are not particularly fast - most here ride huge mid-paced grooves - but they do have all the unstoppable momentum of a hungry horned ungulate heading home for lunch.

It's a brutish, bludgeoning noise, but The Burning Sons brings a touch more subtlety than their Mr Red Eye debut. Tracks like 'Kings Of Grand Delusion' and 'Death Of The Swine' bristle with shards of off-kilter guitar.

There are dark, dense dynamics and the atmospheric scrape of Razor proves that lead screamer and King Leonidas lookalike Lee Tobin can actually sing.

Rampant, raucous and bursting with creativity, Feed The Rhino have delivered a superb album.

Rocksound 8/10
With poppier rock defining much of our home-grown scene, UK hardcore's been a little neglected. Enter Feed The Rhino, because what the Kent quintet have to set them apart is control over their chaos. They know when to pull out a riff to add some groove to their breakdowns, and when to counter a big chorus with a spiky, jarring dischord - making an impressive backdrop for Lee Tobin's powerful vocals. Ear-splittingly, satisfying heavy.

Front Magazine 4/5
If there was an award for Band That Most Sound Like They'll Kick Your Teeth Down Your Throat, Feed The Rhino would win by a mile, and then probably beat someone to death with the trophy. The Burning Sons is a snarling, nasty album that's rammed with nothing but all out spill my pint and I'll murder your family aggression. Too smart and varied to be hardcore and too straight-talking to be metal, Feed The Rhino are a truly unique proposition. This natural leap from their debut album, Mr Red Eye, is the definition of fight music. - IN A NUT SHELL: Will make you ten percent more violent and five percent hairier

The New Review (USA) 4/5
Feed The Rhino have shifted weight here; rather than focussing on the swaggering hardball tactics of bands like Gallows, Hexes and Heights, they have inveigled this passion with the bleaker neuroses of While She Sleeps, Ghost Of A Thousand and Hundredth. It's punked-up, hardcore-pitched rock that glues its chaos to your cortex. Yes, unsurprisingly, with so much going on in such a tight space, there are tracks that miss the mark, songs that feel shorn of the same layered potential as their neighbors. "Fountains", "The Compass" and that initial taster, "Left For Ruins", all come up some way short, but gurning blasters like "Death Of The Swine" should settle the stomachs of any fans who bought into the grittier tones or rougher mix of their debut.

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Bring The Noise 9/10
With such extremely high expectations, this album doesn't simply live up to the hype, it smashes and exceeds them all. The boys have matured and evolved musically and lyrically. This is even more aggressive, gutsy, brutally heavy, and musically more elaborate than their previous work. The album starts off with Flood The System it is angry, fast and distorted with some good riffs. The album title song is ferocious with outstanding drumming. When Razor comes on, this is when they will blow your mind not because it's angry and aggressive, it's not, but because they can do real rock and roll. With a sexy bluesy sound, this is very different to the rest of the album and absolutely outstanding. Lee Tobin proves himself worthy of the title of one of the best front men in the UK.

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