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   - Mr Red Eye CD (iatde044)
Feed The Rhino - Mr Red Eye
1. The Butchers
2. Caller Of The Town
3. Transistor Down
4. You're A Sitting Duck
5. Diary Of Cards
6. One For The Ponses
7. Empty Mirrors
8. Mr Red Eye
9. Lambs To The Slaughter / Priest At The Altar
10. Nowhere Lane
11. Rotten Apple
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Price - UK £5
Barcode - 5024545595628

'Mr Red Eye' isn't an album for relaxing to and feeling good about yourself, this is an album for getting angry to, an album for pumping fists and shouting along with. Feed The Rhino have been going a relatively short time, yet already they have recorded a stellar album that should propel them up to the top of the UK Hardcore scene hierarchy .

Then tracks of amazing dark, gritty and heavy hardcore Rock N Roll that will get your head banging and legs quaking from this five piece.

Feed the Rhino blend huge riffs, catchy groove ladden chorus' with raw, passionate, controlled and dynamic vocals, dark, gritty and heavy hardcore Rock N Roll that will get your head banging and legs quaking.

From Kent, UK this five piece have been leaving an impact mainly down to their explosive live shows. With influences varying from the grit of Pantera to the shine of Queens Of The Stoneage, together they try to write intense music that's brutal but polished. Putting their heart and souls into our music and hopefully lift spirits.
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Kerrang KKKK
Brilliantly concussive Debut from Kent Hardcore Bruisers..
Defining themselves as hardcore meets rock n roll but with considerably more complexity than that tag would suggest, Feed The Rhino may be relatively new, but they've got their layed brutality down to a well polished fine art. Helped by a top notch production job, the likes of 'Transistor Down' and 'Sitting Ducks' quake with authoritative menace, riding a crushing heavy groove, while revelling in the kind of nuanced songwriting that's far more intellectual than thast of their hardcore peers. Comparisons to both Pantera and Queens of the Stone Age have been made in the past but, despite occasional similarities to each, this is more an exercise in dragging old school hardcore into the brave new world.

Rocksound 8/10
Potentially the most kick ass heavy UK band to release a record this year.
What with their record label being In At The Deep End, and their manager none other than Gallows bassist Stuart Gill-Ross, comparisons between Feed The Rhino and the Watford bruisers are inevitable. Whilst these hold up to an extent - both bands certainly share an unrestrained , gut-level attack and a blatant disregard for niceities - FTR posses a sack-full of terrific, rollicking riffs, along an undeniable ear for a groove. There may be few memorable hooks and only a mild flirtation with melody here, but it's evident from the likes of the supreb 'Empty Mirrors' that these guys are already onto something pretty special.

Big Cheese 4/5
Brazen and confident hardcore debut from Kentish Quintet. At times moody and ethereal, and at others biting and hard hitting. Kent's Feed The Rhino offer a debut littered with metal and screamo tendencies. Opener 'The Butchers' basically sets the template for the following 10 tracks of hardcore-tinged, gimmick free rock'n'roll. occasionally descends into slower segments, but you're never far away from a huge choppy riff or that fantastically abrasive vocal. 'Mr Red Eye' builds from the title track onwards is crushing, dark edged hardcore. Feed The Rhino have produced a debut album which should win them many new fans.

Planet Loud
"There is no doubting that while us Brits invented that beautiful sound known as heavy fucking metal many years ago, the American music industry has turned it into a clinical, polished, fast-food style product that flies off the shelves. Now, while America is happy to churn out a host of identikit bands, it warms the cockles to see that most of our British bands prefer to lock themselves in their stinking rehearsal rooms to create music that has emotion, passion, integrity and heart.

One such band who possess those four ingredients is Kent based noisemongers Feed The Rhino, four blokes who create an utterly brilliant, feedback drenched wall of noise. Describing their sound as hardcore rock 'n' roll isn't far off the mark as their debut album veers from sludgy offerings like Empty Mirrors to full on screamers like album opener The Butchers. Formed from the ashes of Car Crash Television, the Rhino's sound is more in line with the likes of Charger and Will Haven than their previous incarnation. As Mr.Red Eye progresses through its foul sound, it becomes clearer how much effort the band have poured into this album. Blisteringly heavy one second then heartwrenchingly slow the next, Mr.Red Eye is an album that pulls you in one direction before smashing you in the opposite direction. The title track is a crashing, hellish punk rock affair while album closer Rotten Apple is a jarring, spazzy offering that finishes this album off in truly riotous fashion.

With so many great albums coming out of shitty UK rehearsal rooms, 2010 looks like a year where you'll be spoiled for choice if you're a fan of genuinely passionate bands. Either way, Mr.Red Eye should be top of your list and, if you're like us, you'll soon come to the conclusion that Feed The Rhino will be your band of the year. By a fucking mile."


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