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   - Shades;Directions CD (iatde042)
The Casino Brawl - Shades;Directions
1. Time And Tide
2. Into The Light
3. L is for Liars
4. The Cause And The Definate Effect
5. Faith is Believing, What You Know Ain't So...
6. You Can't Save Them All
7. Transition / Remission
8. That is Tosca's Kiss
10. A Tower Of Silence
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Barcode - 5024545558029

The Casino Brawl are coming at us with the fury of a hailstorm,brutal ballads and spine shattering melodies. Like it or not, they are going to be heard, and they are out for blood.

Shades; Directions starts off with a track called 'Time and Tide' and immediately you fall victim to their earth shattering riffs, blasting drum kicks and hellacious hooks. They are relentless with their music and never seem to lose their momentum. Track after track is one unyielding blood bath of ferocious, finely tuned anthems after another. Track three, 'L is for Liars,' comes at you with more fury than an angry grizzly bear, and throws a maelstrom of melody in the mix to soften the blow.

Shades; Directions is a must buy record for followers of the hardcore scene. Fans of Underoath, Oh Sleeper, and Bury Tomorrow are sure to find The Casino Brawl to be their top ten record of the year.

'Shades ; Directions' is an extremely accomplished debut album. Thoughtful, well-produced and eclectic hardcore/metal/metalcore with epic flourishes and the occasional alt-electronica moment.
The Casino Brawl Band Page

Metal Hammer 8/10
Shitting tits, here is a British band who have it all! This young Sunderland quintet are a perfect storm of beatdown hardcore stadium rock melodies, heroic solos and uptempo heavy metal. The Casino Brawl exist somewhere between Bring Me The Horizon and Atreyu with dashes of Exit Ten and We Are The Ocean. 'Melodic' doesn't always mean catchy: a shit chorus is still a shit chorus. Likewise throwaway breakdowns reek of desperation, but TCB rise to great heights where so many stumble, cleaning up with awesome singalong choruses you can take home with you, all littered with Gojira-weight beatdowns, mature instrumentation and ripping guitar-work. This is a wall-to-wall ideas-fest.

Streetvoice UK 10/10
For far too long we've had to rely on HC bands such as Atreyu, Escape The Face and Silverstein to name but a few. It's just a shame that many UK bands trying to capture that American sound haven't managed to pull it off both musically and vocally. Not forgetting the high quality either! Into the picture comes North East band 'The Casino Brawl' who's crashing guitars and soaring melodies who I believe can compete and in most cases better than what America is producing at present. The proof of this lies with their new album 'Shades Directions' which is a killer of a release and really does need to be heard! In fact to get the best out of this album you have to turn up the volume. It's fair to say this is only the second release this year that my partner and I actually agree on is of high quality. There's ten tracks over thirty seven minutes which some might find a little too short but how I look at it I'd rather have quality over quantity any day. From start to finish this album is a quality release. It's like drinking a fine bottle of vintage champagne. Yes it's that good! The wicked guitar work from Adam and Marc is amazing and complementing that work are the awesome bass lines from Jamie. James keeps it altogether on drums leaving Jonny to deliver some of the best vocals I've heard this year. The man knows how to sing with a melody and he's even better when he comes to the HC/Screamo parts. There's not one filler on this release and you know when you have a great album on your hands when you can't pick out a favourite track. Every track is given the same love and attention and you know you've got a great band on your hand when this happens. If I have to be forced into listing my favourite tracks I'd go for 'Into The Light', 'You Can't Save Them All' and 'Transition/remission'. However that could change tomorrow. The production is spot on and packaging top not. Totally faultless!

Mass Movement
The Casino Brawl has definitely pulled it off! Styles like screamo and metalcore have become more than a little stale these past few years. This English band have single handedly lit up the brewery again, and amazing tasting tunes have been bottled up for all to enjoy. What's not to like hard hitting metal, crazy break downs and Gallows like rock from the underbelly of human emotions, combined with Death By Stereo like variety. There's this self-esteem jumping of 'Shades; Direction' which is normally not at all common for European bands. The Casino Brawl know these songs are good and can deliver that message without hesitation. Maybe Alan Douches, who mastered the record, gave them a bit of an American feel. It all seems to come naturally to these guys, but it's never easy, listen more closely. Check them out!


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