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   - The Supreme Oppressor MCD (iatde039)
Sylosis - The Supreme Oppressor
1. The Supreme Oppressor (Intro)
2. Manipulation Through Idols
3. Visions Of Demise
4. Slowly Consumed
5. Silence From Those In The Sky
6. Turbulence
7. Blind Desperation
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Barcode - 5024545493627

Sylosis' highly anticipated second release has now arrived. The Supreme Oppressor is a stunning showcase of Sylosis' metal muscle. The quintet manage to bring an epic, technical and melodic feel to the old school thrash sound, combining incredible guitar solos and bloodlust vocals. The outcome, a sound that is both devastatingly feral and blisteringly precise.

Clocking in at about half an hour, The Supreme Oppressor packs a lot of power into a small space. Sylosis are drawing on a number of strands of metal style for their inspiration, and while there's plenty of bright epic melody to be heard, there's no shortage of brutal strength very much in keeping with the British underground scene's love of hardcore dynamics.

Laying down a bedrock of double-kick drumming and metalcore chugging alongside frantic hammered riffs and wide-bend solos, Sylosis raise the ghost of thrash with the modern magic of technical metal. Frontman Jamie, formerly of Raise The Dead, provides bellowing vocals that you can actually understand which reveals the brutal aesthetic of the lyrics.
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Metal Hammer 9/10
One of the most promising home-grown metal bands to emerge in recent times, Sylosis are maturing at a breathless pace. With a sound that skilfully combines all manner of extreme stylistic touches and an overall aesthetic that owes as much to British and Scandinavian metal as it does to the latter-day American equivalent, 'The Supreme Oppressor' avoids all the pitfalls that scupper many young bands' dreams of success. Whether aiming straight for the jugular with some explosive neo-thrash riffing on 'Manipulation Through Idols' twisting and turning on the Chuck'Death'Schuldiner-esque technique on 'Blind Desperation' or slowing to a moody mid-tempo on 'Turbulence', Sylosis consistently sound like they mean it and could plainly teach cetain other UK bands a thing or two about metal's proud spirit. Their impending full length debut promises to be an absolute belter.

Rocksound 8/10
Forget America, Reading's whre it's at now. Hot on the heeels of fellow Readingians Maleface comes another offering from the underground. Where their peers specialise in out-and-out rage, sylosis bring the darkness for the fans of thrash and metalcore. The ambition demonstrated by this seven tracker's title, 'The Supreme Oppressor, aslo stands them in good stead, lending a lofty ambience to their melodic interludes and quiet instrumental 'Silence From Those In The Sky'.

Kerrang KKKK
The 'Shredding From Reading' come up thrumps on EP No.2.
Following 2006's impressive 'Casting Shadows'EP, Reading shredmongers Sylosis return with an equally visceral offering in The Supreme Oppressor. Leaning heavily on thrash influences new and old, the quintet have honed their craft to near perfection. Watertight riffs are the name of the game here, held in place by epic yet ultamitely brutal melodies, subtle atmospherics and some serious guitar gymnastics, putting the band among some of the most gifted technical players in the country. With their debut album set to receive a late summer release via Nuclear Blast, 2008 may prove to be an interesting year.


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