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   - Casting Shadows MCD (iatde033)
Sylosis - Casting Shadows
1. Dark Revelations
2. Casting Shadows
3. The Bereaved
4. Oath Of Silence
5. Beneath Black Clouds
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Barcode - 5024545428025

Let's face facts. The UK metal scene is currently overdosing on irony and vanity, with all too many bands focused on their haircuts, jeans and facebook profiles to concern themselves with their musical output.

Fortunately, the only thing Sylosis are overdosing on is city leveling riffs, the Reading, Berkshire quintet a dazzling ray of hope for the new generation of British metal.

With a thundering groundswell buzz beneath their feet and an ever increasing league of devotees nationwide.'CASTING SHADOWS' is a stunning showcase of SYLOSIS' metal muscle, the quintet drawing from the gene pools of thrash, death and progressive to create a sound that is both devastatingly feral and blisteringly precise.

Though but a year old, SYLOSIS play with all the confidence, conviction and power of a veteran force, their prowess as both musicians and songwriters a thrilling, defiantly metallic kick in the teeth.
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Kerrang KKKK
Stunning opening salvo from UK's new metal heroes.
It's seldom the best bands that accrue the most attention, so you can fully expect Sylosis to be ignored by the UK metal hype machine, despite the obvious fact that they're phenomenally talented and have pockets bulging with fantastic songs. This is brutal, technical and deceptively melodic modern metal that favours invention over cliche and never shies away from nimble shifts in style, tempo or mood. From its anthematic title track to 'The Bereaved's epic, emotional overload, this five tracker is preposterously assured for a debut release. All they need is some insulting haircuts and Sylosis could be huge within a year.

Metal Hammer 8/10
This exciting short offering serves splendidly as a taster of the potential and impressive skill of the UK youngsters. Fusing the guitar and drumming ferocity of Lamb Of God, with a healthy dose of Chimaira - the group have done well to not overplay their obvious talent - leaving as many open spaces as tight pummelling rhythms. Imagine Shadows Fall dualling with Unearth, with a nice Brit-metal twist. Standouts ' Dark Revelations' and 'Oath Of silence' have pit-hit stamped all over them, and will hopefully be the leaping-off points for future tunes.

Rocksound 8/10
On this debut EP Sylosis have combined some of their major influences to great effect. From the fierce opener 'Dark Revelations' to 'Oath Of Silence''s killer riffs and unforgetable guitar solo, it's multi-paced and full-blooded, remaing true to their eclectic game plan. This is apparently Sylosis playing it soft, but 'Casting Shadows' is still hard-hitting stuff.


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