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   - Orchestra Of Wolves CD (iatde032)
Gallows - Orchestra Of Wolves
1. Kill The Rhythm
2. Come Friendly Bombs
3. Abandon Ship
4. In The Belly of A Shark
5. Six Years
6. Rolling With The Punches
7. Last Fight For The Living Dead
8. Just BecauseYou Sleep Next To Me Doesn't Mean You're Safe
9. Will Someone Shoot That Fucking Snake
10. Stay Cold
11. I Promise This Won't Hurt
12. Orchestra Of Wolves
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Barcode - 5024545427929

Amazing debut from this Watford quintet, brash, exciting and volatile. Orchestra Of Wolves shows perfectly the energy Gallows demonstrate in the live arena.

Gallows take the riffery of Mastodon, the off-kilter tempo changes of JR Ewing, the rock n roll swagger of The Bronx and the dischordant noise of Swing Kids then wrap it up, sealed in a sweat and blood soaked Union Jack.

It's melodic, complex and dark, it's Zombie B-movie dark, but it's accessible, and neat. Its just a matter of time before their dark hearted deathrollcore tears your fucking head off.

Twelve tracks at 35 minutes with some amazing artwork to back in up!!

Album was re-released one year later on Warner Brother Records.
Gallows Band Page

Kerrang KKKK
This Furious Hardcore Debut Will Punch In The Ears. Pity bands who have to follow Gallows. With their incendiary live shows - where teeth and drops of blood outnumber cracked glasses on the floor - this Watford mob have harnessed their live explosive power and captured it perfectly on this 12-track, 40 minute debut. Recorded amid a shit-storm of misfortune, 'Orchestra Of Wolves' resonates with an ire that is free of cliche and rammed with anthems. 'Rolling With The Punches', 'Six Years' and the title track mark this band as one of the most genuinely exciting to emerge from the UK underground. Anger is a gift. Gallows have had it wrapped and delivered straight to your face.

Total Guitar 9/10
Who They?
Hotly tipped Herts-based post hardcore newcomers with guitar wizard Laurent Barnard creating a thick wall of sound. With influences spanning Scandinavian hardcore, the 1990's math-rock scene and earlier records from the Dischord label (bands such as Fugazi, Minor Threat, etc), Gallows respect the classics without ripping them off and wave the British Flag proudly
Any Good?
Absolutely amazing! Gallows have the fire, the passion, the aggression and the talent to redress the balance of hardcore wannabes to genuinely good new music from the saturated scene. Remember the all-consuming energy you felt when you first heard Refused? For an equally revelatory experience give "Orchestra Of Wolves" a thrashing. Must Hear: "Just Because You Sleep Next To Me Doesn't Mean You're Safe" is warp-speed discordant punk rock with a brutal guitar breakdown to die for. Elsewhere, "In The Belly Of A Shark" boasts a killer, treble-heavy riff while album closer "Orchestra Of Wolves" is one of the finest displays of sneering, snotty attitude since the Sex Pistols.
Why Buy?
Because Gallows are here to save you from musical tedium, and this debut offering is nothing short of ferocious.

Rocksound 8/10
Formed from the ashes of UK hardcore mainstays Winter In June and punkers My Dad Joe, Gallows aren't just a case of the same people dressing the same mannequin in slightly different clothing. They've taken their cues from the classic, scuzzy blueprints laid down by Nation Of Ulysees, Fugazi and their ilk, but injected it with a poppy sensibility that stops artistic creativity short of self indulgence. ' Come Friendly Bombs' has a two-step snap Bombshell Rocks would have been proud of, 'Rolling With The Punches' has a fuzzy moog playing punk rock perfectly and 'Stay Cold' screams Dischord loud and unclear. Moody, sexy and deeply unfashionable, this might be the best punk rock record from a UK band so far this year.

Big Cheese 4/5
Scene kids meet your new favourite band. Gallows are the latest in a line of bands beign touted around the UK underground. The scene kids love 'em and their gigs are suitably raucous affairs. The songs are chaotic, there is a huge old-school punk influence in their sound which will take older fans back to the days of Black Flag and Refused. Bonus point to the Gallows for not having stupid Myspace hair and hopefully the next few months will see the band turn the UK, gig circuit back into a fist fight rather than a fashion show.


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