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   - Coma Poems MCD (iatde022)
The Nothing - Coma Poems
1. And The Dogs Hang Themselves With Scissors
2. What Do You Expect Us To Do Rob A Graveyard?
3. I'll Be The One In The Cupboard
4. Today The Rope Didn't Break
5. Coffin Sex
6. Purity
7. Dracula Would Mosh To The Nothing
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Barcode - 5024545322026

Consisting of two members of Send More Paramedics and ex vocalist of Labrat. The Nothing play brutal hardcore with a metal edge but still providing plenty of memorable haunting melodies, the sound of hatred, guilt and shame mixed together in a cacophony of screams and whispers, this is a journey through the dark places inside yourself.

This is metal. Good chunky metal hardcore with weaving leads and chunky rhythms and good breakdowns, blood-curdling screams, menacing rhythms, and aggravated guitar work that this quartet lunges at you. A hardcore metallic hybrid that bands similar to Darkest Hour meets the Misfits.

'Coma Poems' is seven slices of sprawling, metallic noise that make contact like meat slabs falling from a broken hook. The end result is delirious, difficult and bound to appeal if you like listening to music neurotically heavy enough to destroy itself.
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Zero Tolerence 5/5
What do you get if you mix members of Leeds zombiecore thrashers Send More Paramedics and metallic noisemongers Labrat? Nothing! Well, The Nothing to be precise. The Nothing's debut, 'Coma Poems' sees them kicking off with fine style. The album is a dark brooding slice of hatred that leaves you feeling desperate and suicidal. The synthesised theremin gives this album a haunted feel and goes fantastically well with the bleak subject matter of the lyrics. There are also plenty of head-knocking chunky beatdowns for the mosh kids. Basically, this album has something for everyone (except for fans of Labrat - they sound nothing like them). I am led to believe that these guys put on an amazing live show too, but whether it will match up to the blood-fest that is a Send More Paramedics show remains to be seen . This restores my faith in metal / hardcore and that's not to say it is your average metal / hardcore recording. If I had to categorise it, it would go in the 'punk / metal / goth / beatdown / chugga / thrash / B-movie soundtrack' section., Which is a lonely place, believe me. You should pay it a visit sometime.

Rocksound 8/10
Why should you love The Nothing? Is it because they have members of zombie crew Send More Paramedics in their ranks? Is it because they name their songs 'Dracula Would Mosh To The Nothing' and 'I'll Be The One In The Cupboard (The One With The Tie Around My Neck)'? Or is it because they sound like AFI on downers covering Slayer jams at a wake? It is because of all these things and more that you should devote yourself to the ghoulish delights of The Nothing's darkcore. A fine pedigree and a fine set of songs perfectly collide on this debut release, as detuned metal licks battle with pirate style sing-alongs in a twisted and crazed undead stoner metalcore fusion. To put it more simply, The Nothing are depraved, deranged and destined for greatness. Get into it.

Big Cheese 4/5
Deliciously nasty metal from Leeds. The nothing have got a fair pedigree with singer Farrell previously fronting Labrat and two of the other members also plying their trade in zombiecore crew Send more Paramedics. As such you'd expect something pretty special from this lot and 'Coma Poems' doesn't disappoint. After the ominous intro 'And The Dogs Hang Themselves With Scissors' the band offer up six tracks of heavy, harsh hardcore with suitably devilish vocals from Farrell. This is a million miles away from the kind of slick US metalcore that's seemingly everywhere nowadays and it's all the better for it with the likes of 'Coffin Sex' and 'Purity' offering up a raw, intense mix of hardcore energy and metallic brutality. Fingers crossed there's an album along soon!

Metal Hammer 8/10
More dark and disturbing stuff from In At The Deep End With the group featuring members of Leeds mentalists Send More Paramedics along with ex-Labrat screamer Jamie Farrell, this is a CD we approached with an air of hesitant anticipation. Lighting the touchpaper with the fantastically yet morbidly titled 'And The Dogs Hang Themselves With Scissors', the listener is confronted with melodic death metal riffage, Farrell's throaty scream and a hardcore group shout-out. It comes across as a primitive darker and harder strain of metalcore - making something that's starting to get a bit derivative sound interesting. Whereas a band like Avenged Sevenfold will have a breakdown or a melodic chorus before galloping over the hill Iron Maiden-style, The Nothing prefer to intertwine metalcore with elements of doom, sometimes slowing things down into a dinge-like procession of shame, before taking it up a notch again and shredding like The Dark Lord Satan himself ('Coffin Sex'). Dark and disturbing , but very, very good!


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