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   - The Hallowed And The Heathen CD (iatde017)
Send More Paramedics - The Hallowed And The Heathen
1. The Hallowed
2. Bokor
3. Driven To Destruction
4. Desert of Skulls
5. Zombie Crew
6. No Fucking Joke
7. Half-Life
8. I Can Feel Myself Rotting
9. Burning The Body
10. A Necklace Made Of Teeth
11. The Time Before I Turn
12. Cranial Blowout
13. Easy Meat
14. The Heathen
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Price - UK £5
Barcode - 5024545270020

How does that old saying go "Be All That You Can Be?" I guess the Undead Mosh Crew took that adage to their rotting, decaying hearts and decided to manifest destiny. Words just cannot convey how good this record is. The Slayerisms that were evident on their first record are still there, but have been reigned in, used as a foundation on which to build layers of HC, 80's style Crossover and thrash metal. All backed up with dark and moody original artwork.

Thrash was never about bemoaning your fucked-up childhood or the fact that daddy never bought you a pony. it was about hyperspeed riffage, screaming vocals and the expenditure of youthful energy. SMP know this, and their second album harks back unashamedly to the bloody best of early Exodus and Testament, while indulging a brilliantly juvenille fascination for cheap zombie flicks.

In their own words the thrash bits are more thrash, the mosh bits are more mosh, the beatdown bits... well you get the picture. Everything is in place, from the gothic organ choir music intro to the abundance of 80's thrash head favourites, the pinched harmonic. Strap yourselves in, it's gonna be a blast.

Zombie Crew is now a classic thrash track, people just love it "I'm going to eat your brain!"

12" Pic Disc Also Available
We've also pressed up a 12" picture disc version of 'The Hallowed and The Heathen' this is limited to a quantity of 500. It looks amazing.
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Terrorizer 8.5/10
Certain questions need answering. Like, why, in 'Dawn Of The Dead', did main protagonist decide to turn on the escalators in the shopping mall? And, more importantly perhaps, how the blood-splattered hell has what's essentially a piss around hardcore-retro-zombie-thrash act made an album as magnificent as this? Send More paramedics debut 'A Feast For The Fallen', had it's moments yet was held back by a four-pack-of-Hofmeister-and-ten-Lambert-&-Butler production job that made it sound like a bad C90 copy. Here, however, the turning has taken place in spectacular fashion: with punchy production from the ever reliable Paul Yeadon and Johnny Carter, the 'medics' Cryptic Slaughter meets Tom Savini attack sounds positively ravenous for brains and human flesh. What's more, there's grisly tuneage aplenty here; 'Zombiecore' may be the first undead beatdown anthem in recently living memory, whilst 'Burning The Body' us a horrifying smorgasbord of Exodus crunchy riffage and shoutalong infectiousness. Run for your fucking lives, people, or at least get a good headshot on, cos' otherwise there'll be no stopping this bunch.

Kerrang KKKK
They may appear to be the drooling deformed offspring of Slayer and The Misfits, with their arsenal of psychotic thrash riffs expertly welded to short sharp, shocking hardcore song structure, but Send More Paramedics are their own, entirely novel creation; something warped and wonderful, born of wide-eyed inspiration, not fame-hungry desperation. And when you realise that virtually all of the Leeds-based quartet's songs are about zombies, the bloodstained penny drops and Send More Paramedics, like any band worth half a decaying skull, are the best idea you've heard this week. When a disturbing number of our homegrown bands remain tethered to their influences, regurgitating the looks and the sound of their heroes, we need maverick mentalists like Send More Paramedics more than ever. What sounds like more fun? Another dose of dull-but-worthy Toni & Guycore, or a band that sound like a knife fight in an asylum and have song titles like 'I Can Feel Myself Rotting'. 'The Hallowed And The Heathen' is every bit as fun as rising from the grave and terrorizing your buck toothed banjo-totin' neighbours. The undead are on the march and, this time, nothing can stop them.

Metal Hammer 8/10
The fact that Send More Paramedics smeat themselves in makeup was a worrying possibility that they would be churning out dreary goth nonsense but - no! They sound like Minor Threat mixed with Prong mixed with Ministry (with the drum machine switched off) and every song they record is about the threat of having your brain eaten by zombies. Which obviously in Leeds is something that's going to be at the back of your mind most of the time. There is an unashamedly 80's thrash metal vibe to this record and the over-driven Big Black bass line of 'Driven To Destruction' gives way to woolly mammoth sized Slayer riffage. So throw your pseudo goth shit in the bin and get into zombiecore as quickly as (un)humanly possibile!

Q Magazine 4/5
Blame Kurt Cobain. Pre Nevermind, before tiresome "thinking man's metal", it was perfectly acceptable for rock bands to sing about demons, dungeons and doom. And though The Darkness 's huge success may spark the beginning of the anti-fun backlash, Send More Paramedics represent the laudable next step backwards. These four young punks have abandoned the UK hardcore scene in favour of regurgitated '80s thrash metal riffs and songs about zombies, brain-munching and gore. Yes, it's silly - even Justin Hawkins would baulk at penning a lyric as foolish as "we're rockin' to some red-hot lixx and fleeing from those redneck hicks" - but grunge ore nu-metal was never this entertaining.


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