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   - A Feast For The Fallen CD (iatde007)
Send More Paramedics - A Feast For The Fallen
1. The Hordes
2. Pain Of Being Dead
3. Cannibal
4. Brains
5. Kingdom Of The Undead
6. Epulum
7. Necromancer
8. Zombie Sweetheart
9. The Night Has 1000 Eyes
10. Aim For The Head
11. Resurrection Cemetery
12. Zombified
13. BONUS Spoken Word Track
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Price - UK £5
Barcode - 5024545209624

As soon as we heard SMP's demo tape we were hooked, but we hadn't seen them live. When we actually did have the pleasure of their zombie hardcore brutality (with a little tongue in cheek) that was it 'A Feast for The Fallen' had to be released. 12 Tracks of zombietastic thrash hardcore with an additional audio track written and performed by the vocalist B'Hellmouth.

Zombies, metal, headbands, facemasks. fake blood - sound appealing? What started as a project band escalated into constant gigging and this the debut full length CD the first of 4 on IATDE Records.

Imagine MINOR THREAT playing SLAYER songs whilst enacting a scene from Day Of The Dead and you wouldn't be a million miles away from the Paramedics.

Have you ever seen a human skull cracked in half?. Stick this up on full volume and you will.

(Note: Send More Paremedics formed as a side project of 'And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots' where the bass player moved over to vocals (B'Hellmouth) and a bass player brought in (XundeadX) with Medico on Guitar and El Diablo on Drums. More info on their history on the Send More Parmedics Band Page.)
Send More Paramedics Band Page

Kerrang KKKK
B-movie thrashcore antics from threatical Yorkshiremen, Seriously. SEND MORE PARAMEDICS absolutely f**king love zombies, and their low-budget B-movie incarnations in particular. Nearly every song on this album pays tribute to the undead, but luckily this is no half baked Misfits rip-off. The Leeds based quartet instead get their musical fire from '80s thrash, with Exodus and Dark Angel being the most evident influences. And with a vocallist who sounds like he trapped a bollock in his flies on the way to the studio, this is thoroughly deranged metallic hardcore and ripples with the kind of psychotic urgency that so many like-minded bands fail to muster. Send More Paramedics' gore splattered live shows are, apparently, now approaching legendary status. Now the band have consolidated this growing reputation with an outrageous, offal-soaked belter of a debut album. Zombie-tastic.

Terrorizer 8/10
Far removed from the 'ironic' 80s metal fixations manifesting themselves in some areas og the cheeze-punk scene, and indeed the increasing prevalence of Gothenbergisms in hardcore, there are some simplier concerns lurking. Take Send More Paramedics; some British hardcore kids who are clearly merely hell-bent on telling the world how much they dig 80's thrash metal and zombies. Similarily to Teen Ctuhlhu's relationship with black metal, da 'Medics' are still recognisably a hardcore act (check those hoarsely bellowed vocals), but the band have a fine ear for a killer Bay Area-style riff, as well as a cheerfully gonzoid attitude that's hard to resist (take the ten send odd 'Brains' for example) and the kind of whammy bar theatrics in the guitar department that many of us haven't heard since 1991. Keep an eye on this 'un, it could turn ugly.

Fracture 9/10
There's a lot of people talking about this band at the moment and rightly so. This CD is hilarious Totally SLAYER worship going on here with solos galore and an urgency to get through the songs as fast as possible. Thrash all the way. The lyrics and live performances have gotten them tagged with the term 'zombie-core' and if anyone deserves it, this lot surely do. Every song on here is about Zombies and it's just sheer comedy. After the carnage of the music is over there's a story about a guy escaping from some zombies and recalling his horrors to the driver. Straight out of any cheesy 80's gore film. The whole things comes packaged with lots of graphics of zombies. If you have a sense of humour and can handle a dose of metal you must get a copy of this. One of the brightest hopes for the UK at the moment.

Rue Morgue 5/5
A rabid appetite for '80s thrash metal and living dead movies earned this UK hardcore act the label 'zombie core'. Works for me; after all, they've taken their name from a quote in 'Return Of The Living Dead', and songs like The Hordes, The Pain Of Being Dead and the eleven-second Brains only marginally illustrate how much into zombies these guys are. The lads churn up a violent stew of bonecrushing hardcore peppered with lots of Slayer and Exodus, and the singer sounds like he's got a couple of clothespins on his cojones (hey, it works). our compliments to the chef; Send More Paramedics are the kings of zombiecore!


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