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Cavorts - Got Your Brass
Pay No Respect - This World Is Ours
Polar - Glass Cutter
Weathered Hands - Vines
Black Shapes - Sin Of Sinners
Death Remains - Blood Brothers
Weathered Hands - Growth Forever
Wounds - Killing Spree
The Guillaume Seam - Bakunin The Destroyer
Departures - 21
History Of The Hawk - Old Wounds
Aurora - Easily Broken
Feed The Rhino - Left For Ruins
Bastions - Vistant
History Of The Hawk - X Is The New Y
Breaking The Day - The Streets Will Rain With Blood Tonight
Feed the Rhino - Mr Red Eye
The Defiled - The Ressurrectionists
The Casino Brawl - The Cause and Definite Effect
Tortuga - Dance Like no One Is Watching
Romeo Must Die - Defined By Enemies
1000 Hertz - Immobilised
Sanzen - The Reflections Of Knives In Green Water
Shaped By Fate - They Told Me You Were Dead
Errander - Glory Grabbers Unite
Gallows - Abandon Ship
Send More Paramedics - Blood Fever
Architects - In The Desert
The Wireless Stores - Misery
Suicide Silence - Distorted Thought Of Addiction
The Break In - Coffin Dodger
Zombie Apocalypse - Breaking Off Fingers
Send More Paramedics - Nothing Tastes Like This
Everything For Some - Stand Alone
Send More Paramedics - Zombie Crew
Hitechjet - All This Time
The Devils - Child Of God
Beecher - Megadrive Vs Snes