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Demo Policy
If you are looking to submit a demo, please email us with a streaming link.

We will gladly listen to it; however, we're so busy here that we can't respond to any inquiries for reviews or anyone asking if we received your band's demo.

In the event that we are interested, we will contact YOU.

With the demo, it is helpful to enclose an e-mail address, mailing address, and telephone number along with band photos, link to band website, videos, past and present sales of demo/CD, band bio, tours (past, present, and future), as well as any other general information about the band.

Companies IATDE Uses

Division PR   Distribution For IATDE Records (Shops in the UK / Europe please get in touch with Shellshock)
Land Address:Shellshock Distribution , 23a Collingwood Road , London, N15 4LD. UK
Telephone: +44 (0)208 800 8110 Fax:  +44 (0)208 800 8140
Division PR   Merchandise Company For IATDE Records
Website: |