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Our stickers are vinyl stickers, that are high adhesive and will stick onto almost any surface, unlike paper stickers -vinyl stickers are tough, they don't tear, they don't come off in the wet and the print does not run.

We supply 8 sizes;
140mm x 60mm Rectangle
140mm x 30mm Rectangle
110mm x 70mm Rectangle
100mm x 100mm Square
200mm x 60mm Rectangle
75mm diameter Circle
115mm diameter Circle

We can print other sizes please ask for quote. If you require a different shape or different size of circle/oval an addition charge will have to be made to cover the cost of the die cutter required

Vinyl colour can be white, or clear prices are below.
All prices include the cost of any postage to mainland Britain
(There may be an extra charge on sticker delivery for the far North of Scotland) The cost of the screen/s required is included in the price so what you see is what you pay.

If you want to use 2 images using the same colour scheme and same size we can incorporate both images into the same run, therefore if ordering 1000 you get 500 of each images, for the straight 1000 price. Meaning you have a different style of sticker to offer!!!

All images should be 600dpi (dpi = dots per square inch) at the actual dimensions of the sticker you require. Aim for pixel sizes below plus 3mm (71 pixels) of bleed around the edge of the image;

11cm by 7cm = 2598 by 1654 pixels
14cm by 6cm = 3307 by 1417 pixels
14cm by 3cm = 3307 by 709 pixels
10cm by 10cm = 2362 by 2362 pixels
20cm by 6cm = 4724 by 1417 pixels
7.5cm dia circle = 1890 by 1890 pixels
11.5cm dia circle = 2835 by 2835 pixels

Images can be supplied as high quality jpg's, tiffs, photoshop files or illistrator files.

Always send us images first to so we can check the image is suitable to print, if not we'll advise ways in making the image more suitable.

If you image is in excess of 9mb please send it to our address through
Once we've okay'd the image suitability payment can be arranged, once cleared payment is received, turnaround is around 6-8 working days.

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