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1. Below is the badge template page which has notes on the quality we require to supply you with an excellent quality badge.
(If you haven't got a suitable art package to put you image into place send it over to us and we'll do it for you).

2. Images can be supplied as high quality jpg's, tiffs, gifs, pngs,
bmps, photoshop files or illistrator files.

3. Always send us images first to so we can check the image is suitable to print, if not we'll advise ways in making the image more suitable.
(If you do not hear back from us it's possible we did not received you email please then try

4. Once we've okay'd the image suitability payment can be arranged
and once cleared payment is received, you'll take delivery of your stickers
in 6-8 working days.

Paypal, Cheque, Cash, Bank Transfer Accepted

The template below is for a 25mm badge, just send over your image in the meantime and we'll let you know if it's ok.

Download 25mm Badge Photoshop Layered Template File

Images for badges are best supplied as above where the face of the badge is the red disc (this red area is just a guide for you the badge does not need to be red)

Please leave the background image to bleed all the way out to the edges of the above square if possible for the wrap around.

Please feel free to save the above image. Images are best returned as jpegs at as higher quality as possible to

(N.B. Please do not draw a circle to show where the face of the badge is, this gets in the way of the main image. If you don't want the red circle used please get rid of it.)

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Further Badge Information
We supply 25mm (1 inch) dia metal badges, these 25mm badges have a metal D ring pin on the back.

Normal Badge
Badges can be full colour or any amount of colours you require. Images are printed on brilliant white paper through a top of the range high quality colour laser printer. You can have 4 different designs within your order of 100 and over (2 in the 50 order), if you want anymore in order 100+ get in touch it shouldn't be a problem.

Standard Badge Prices
Quantity 25mm Badges
50 £15
100 £25
200 £48
500 £110

Neon Badge
We also supply badges that are printed on flourescent style lime green, yellow, pink & orange paper (modern day printers still can't match the brightness of this paper). Black and white images work best on these badges, where the white ends up being the base colour of the flourescent paper. If you want anymore info get. NB. The paper used doesn't actually glow in the dark, but it's the kind that glows bright under a dark light/UV light, looking real cool in clubs/venues etc.

Neon Badge Prices
Quantity 25mm Badges
50 £17
100 £29
200 £52
500 £120
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