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Band Members  
Band Line-Up For The Recording Of 'Supreme Oppressor'
Jamie - Vocals / Josh - Guitar / Gurneet - Guitar / Carl- Bass / Rob - Drums
Band Information  
Every generation of Metal bands has its pioneers, groups that re-define the genre musically and take it to a new level. SYLOSIS is one of them! It's not for nothing that the quintet from Reading has been considered as UK's greatest Metal export.

Sylosis were formed in 2001. The idea behind the band was to create music taking influences from the driving, solid riffery of thrash metal, the melodic stylings of euro metal, the epicness of black metal, the brutality of death metal with the depth and complexity of progressive/alternative metal. Their 5 track EP entitled 'Casting Shadows' was released in 2006 by IATDE to great reviews

It was shortly after the release of 'Casting Shadows' that Ben (Vocals) left the band, this put them on the back foot a little but one year later and with finally a permanent replacement found on throat duties, Jamie formerly of Raise The Dead their increble 7 track MCD "The Supreme Oppressor" was ready for release. Just as "The Supreme Oppressor" was being release it came to no surprise to us that Sylosis were offered a deal by Nuclear Blast Records probably the biggest metal label in the world.

Below is the original concept for "The Supreme Oppressor" with some amendments the final version was truly special and easily up there in the top 3 covers we've released.

Since the release of their debut album 'Conclusion Of An Age' on Nuclear Blast in late 2008, SYLOSIS have acquired a respectable global fan base and were able to prove their live skills playing with bands such as DRAGONFORCE, AS I LAY DYING, FEAR FACTORY or THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER as well as on big festival stages of Download, Sonisphere and Graspop. After a slight line-up alteration of lead guitarist Josh Middleton henceforth taking the front man role as well with Jamie leaving the band.

At the time of writing this Sylosis are just about to release their 2nd full length album 'Edge Of The Earth' which they describe as overflowing with devastating riffs, thrilling melodies, soulful solos, progressive twists and turns and an ubiquitous dark atmosphere.

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