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Band Members  
Frank - Vocals / Laurent - Guitar / Stu - Bass / Lee - Drums / Stef - Guitar
Paul played on Orchestra Of Wolves, Stef joined afterward the release of the record.
Band Information  
Formed in early 2005 from the ashes of much lauded Hardcore/Punk bands Winter in June (Engineer Records) and former Radio 1 Lock-Up favourites My Dad Joe (Good Clean Fun Records), with the explicit intention of fucking some serious shit up.

Bored of listening to haircuts and no-clue dorks harp on about shit flash in the pan bands, Herts based Gallows, influenced by the Scandinavian Hardcore bands, the 90s math rock scene and the earlier Dischord Records releases, focussed on dragging punk rock out of the grasp of the wannabe male models and making live shows an event where the crowd feel threatened for their own personal safety.

Live, the band leave everything destroyed in their wake and Gallows have already shared the stage with the likes of JR Ewing, The Suicide File, Silent Drive, Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, Good Clean Fun, Send More Paramedics,The Juliana Theory, The Break In, Beecher etc.

Gallows take the riffery of Mastodon, the off-kilter tempo changes of JR Ewing, the rock n roll swagger of The Bronx and the dischordant noise of Swing Kids then wrap it up, sealed in a sweat and alcohol soaked Union Jack.

Within a year of being together, Gallows secured an album deal with In At The Deep End Records and released their debut album entitled 'Orchestra of Wolves' , 12 tracks of sincere and uncompromising punk rock, wrapped in the desperation and urgency that their peers can only pretend. Gallows are the real deal and in the live environment their incendiary performances have fast earned them the reputation of being the undergrounds best kept, and most volatile, rock n roll secret. It was only a matter of time before word got around.

After the release of the album Paul (Guitar) left the band due to personal commitments and was replaced by Frank's brother Stef. (Above is a picture of the original lineup)

And the definitely did get around. Gallows were picked up by Warner Brother Records after seeing the band at SXSW gig in Austin, Texas. 'Orchestra of Wolves' was the rereleased with 3 additional tracks by Epitaph Records in the USA and Warner Brother Records in the rest of the world. Epitaph founder and Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz called 'Orchestra of Wolves' the best hardcore album since Refused's 'The Shape of Punk to Come'

Gallows released their major label debut, Grey Britain, on May 2, 2009. It was recorded by Garth Richardson. It debuted at #20 in the UK album chart. Upon its release, Grey Britain garnered almost unanimous praise from critics. 'Drowned in Sound' commented that "the music rockets from intentionally rudimentary knuckle-whiteners to ambitious-of-design affairs that reconfigure one's opinions on a band previously seen as a straight-up hardcore act." The Guardian called the album "a recipe for depression, frustration and anger, as a whole generation has been brought up in a materialistic, consumerist world that has now receded out of reach."

Gallows have since left Warner Brothers and are leaving their options open for now (Feb 2011). Whilst still gigging and writing, Stu also has time to manage bands one of which is our own Feed The Rhino.

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Gallows - Orchestra Of Wolves Send More Paramedics + Gallows + Feed The Rhino + Wounds - Unearthed : Possessed
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