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About Us

In At The Deep End Records is an Independent / DIY UK label based near Nottingham, that has been in existence since 1999. Releasing material from the heavier side of the rock music. IATDE Records (as we are affectionally known as) concentrate mainly in the genres and sub-genres of Metal, Hardcore & Punk. The bands we've dealt with are on the whole from the UK, but we've also worked with bands from the USA & Europe.

In the 24 years of our existence we've released releases in total and had the pleasure of dealing with bands (that's not including the 30 Bands on 'Amped Up' our first release which was a compilation). Such bands include Gallows, Architects, Sylosis, Suicide Silence ,Send More Paramedics & Feed The Rhino (to name a few) whose debut records we released and then went onto greater success... !!


Back in 1997 I wanted to learn HTML, but I wanted to do my training around something I was interested in, so I started a website based around the UK Hardcore, Punk, Metal scene at the time. This site was called (long time defunct now), it was kind of like a early version of a Music Magazine mixed with Myspace so you had your reviews and band/tour news but also loads of band pages.

Ukbase got quite popular so one day, it was suggested that I release a Compilation CD of the best bands on that site at the time, this became release number one, 'Amped Up' a 30 band, 79 minutes 53 seconds CD from this compilation IATDE's first two bands were signed 'The Osterman Weekend' and 'Beecher'.

Beecher being the 3rd release on the label with their 'Resention Is A Big Word In A Small Town' MCD which straight away got the label noticed. I do remember standing at the post box, cheque in hand to cover the pressing of the Beecher CD, ready to post it, thinking, 'If I send this there's no going back, this is something I'm going to be doing for a long time', two minutes later I finally let go of the envelope it fell into the darkness of the royal mail slot..and the rest is history.

The label really kicked off though with the release of the mighty Send More Paramedics first record 'A Feast For The Fallen' a mighty slab of zombietastic hardcore thrash.It was after that, IATDE became much more respected by the Rock Music Press as a whole.

Our biggest release to date though has to be 'Orchestra Of Wolves' by Gallows a classic release that I still listen to now and think 'I can't believe this was on the label', it's just so good. Obviously the guys went on to Warner Bros and the album was rereleased through them, but it will be always something that we will be very proud of.

Though IATDE have had other successful releases by bands that have also gone onto much bigger things Suicide Silence, Architects, Sylosis, November Coming Fire to name a few.

Since day one we've released records that we love, we look for integrity, and great song writing, we're not here for a profit (that's a good job as well!!) IATDE is here to spread the word on just how many great bands there are in the UK and we will always continue to do this.

IATDE feels very proud and honoured to work with such great bands, and have met some extremely nice folks on our way over the last 24 years and anyone that has helped us on the way, or who has bought one of our releases we'd like to say a big THANK YOU.

N.B. Below are the five IATDE Records logo we've used over the past 24 years, I designed the first two on the left, the middle one was designed by Raf Wechterowicz (Slayer, Bleeding Through, Integrity) the Nurse/Doctor one by Dan Mumford (Gallows, Deftones, Killswitch Engage) and the right one by Angry Blue (Metaliica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers)